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Trobada de Tardor de Geometria i Física 
Encuentro de Otoño de Geometría y Física 
Fall Workshop on Geometry and Physics 
(special session) 

Vilanova i la Geltrú, 6-8 July 2000

The Proceedings

Here you can find the electronic version of the Proceedings. You can read the abstract (and other informations) of each contribution, and also download the complete text as a compressed PostScript file. 
These files were obtained by compiling the TeX sources sent by the authors, after some minor corrections. 
An asterisk "*" denotes "speaker" (for talks) or "presentig author" (for posters).

[front cover] Proceedings of the IX Fall Workshop on Geometry and Physics, Vilanova i la Geltrú, 2000 
X. Gràcia, J. Marín-Solano, M.-C. Muñoz-Lecanda and N. Román-Roy, editors 
Publicaciones de la RSME, vol. 3 
Real Sociedad Matemática Española, Madrid, 2001

xii+270 pages      ISBN: 84-923818-5-X 
available also from the editors

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  • José A. de Azcárraga* and José M. Izquierdo 
    On the cohomological and geometrical nature of the new supersymmetry algebras
    Abstract    Full text
  • Lluís Bruna and Joan Girbau* 
    Linearization stability of the Einstein equation in the presence of matter
    Abstract    Full text
  • José F. Cariñena*, Jesús Clemente-Gallardo and Arturo Ramos 
    Lie systems: systems of differential equations admitting a superposition rule
    Abstract    Full text
  • Antonio Fernández, Pedro Luis García* and César Rodrigo 
    Lagrangian reduction and constrained variational calculus
    Abstract    Full text
  • Olga Gil Medrano 
    Gradients and hessians of geometric functionals
    Abstract    Full text
  • Alberto Ibort 
    Multisymplectic geometry: generic and excepcional
    Abstract    Full text
  • David Iglesias and Juan Carlos Marrero* 
    Lie algebroids, Jacobi structures and Lie groups
    Abstract    Full text
  • Manuel de León 
    Media with microstructure: constitutive theory and dynamics
    Abstract    Full text
  • Antonio López Almorox 
    Almost Kaehler structures on the tangent bundle of a riemannian manifold associated to the magnetic flow
    Abstract    Full text
  • Carlos López, Eduardo Martínez and Manuel F. Rañada* 
    Symmetries, symplectic formalism, and super-integrability
    Abstract    Full text
  • Giuseppe Marmo 
    The quantum-classical transition for systems with alternative hamiltonian descriptions
    Abstract    Full text
  • Ramón Ortega and Mariano Santander* 
    A self-dual approach to trigonometry in symmetric spaces: rank one complex hermitian spaces
    Abstract    Full text
  • José Ignacio Royo Prieto and Martintxo Saralegi Aranguren* 
    Cohomology of riemannian flows 
    Abstract    Full text
  • Jaromir Tosiek 
    The Weyl-Wigner-Moyal formalism. The quantum mechanics on curved phase spaces 
    Abstract    Full text


  • Jaime Camacaro* and José F. Cariñena 
    Batalin-Vilkovisky classical master equation and Lie algebroids 
    Abstract    Full text
  • Ángel Ferrández, Ángel Giménez* and Pascual Lucas 
    Caracterization of null curves in Lorentz-Minkowski spaces 
    Abstract    Full text
  • Xavier Gràcia* and Josep M. Pons 
    Some new geometric structures for singular lagrangians 
    Abstract    Full text
  • Marta Macho Stadler* and Moto O'uchi 
    Correspondences and groupoids 
    Abstract    Full text
  • Eva Miranda 
    On the symplectic classification of singular lagrangian foliations 
    Abstract    Full text
  • Miguel C. Muñoz-Lecanda and Javier Yániz* 
    Geometric ideas on dissipative control of mechanical systems 
    Abstract    Full text
  • Joana M. Nunes da Costa* and Pantelis A. Damianou 
    Two multiple hamiltonian formulations for Toda systems associated with simple Lie groups 
    Abstract    Full text
  • Arturo Ramos 
    Group approach to Riccati equations 
    Abstract    Full text
  • Carlos Tejero Prieto 
    Geometric quantization and spectral resolution of a rigid rotator in a homogeneous magnetic field 
    Abstract    Full text