Curs 2018-19




Chrysokentis, Georgios

Development of a Large-Eddy Simulation framework for engineering applications using the Finite Element method

Angel Herbert Owen Coppola

Pérez Cervera, Alberto

On the role of oscillatory dynamics in neural communication

Gemma Hughet i Teresa M. Seara

Mohan, Prabu

Product of digraphs, (super) edge-magic valences and related problems

Clara Susana López Masip

Somoza Henares, Anna

Inverse Jacobian and related topics for certain superelliptic curves

Joan Carles Lario

Sanz Perela, Tomás

Stable solutions of nonlinear fractional elliptic problems

Xavier Cabré

Klymchuk, Tetiana

Stratification theory of matrix pairs under equivalence and contragredient equivalence

Maria Isabel García

Calvo Schwarzwälder, Marc

Non-classical thermal transport and phase change at the nanosacle

Timothy Myers