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MAK Crypto Seminar: Ignacio Cascudo

MAK Crypto Seminar: Ignacio Cascudo

Friday 24 January 2020, at 11. Campus Nord UPC, Building C3, Room 204a (2nd floor).

24/01/2020 des de/d' 11:00"
Campus Nord UPC, Building C3, Room 204a (2nd floor).
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By: Ignacio Cascudo (IMDEA Software, Madrid)

Title: On universally composable secure homomorphic commitment schemes

Abstract: Commitment schemes are the digital equivalent to a safe-box. A committer can put a value in the box (commit), lock it and then send it to a receiver. At a later point the committer can open the commitment (sending the keys to the safe-box). After receiving the box but before receiving the keys, while the receiver cannot see the message, the committer can no longer change it. Commitment schemes are very useful for secure multiparty computation, for which we often want some additional properties: homomorphic properties allow to open some agreed-upon functions of some committed messages; universal composable (UC) security gives strong guarantees of security when commitments are used as a part of larger protocol. In this talk I will describe some highlights of a line of work which constructs UC-secure homomorphic commitments from error-correcting codes and simpler cryptographic primitives.

The talk is based on a series of papers from PKC 2015, Crypto 2016, Asiacrypt 2019 jointly with Ivan Damgård, Bernardo David, Nico Döttling, Rafael Dowsley, Irene Giacomelli, Jesper Buus Nielsen and Roberto Trifiletti.