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Inverse problems for biomechanics of tissues (Seminari MAT-EEBE)

Inverse problems for biomechanics of tissues (Seminari MAT-EEBE)

La segunda charla del seminario MAT-EEBE será a cargo de José Muñoz del Grupo LACAN.

20/12/2016 de 11:00 a 12:00
Campus Besòs, Edicifi A, Aula A2.07
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In recent years, physicist and biologists have been able to visualise very accurately the positional information of cells of embryonic tissues in vivo. This information is very valuable because it allows scientists to measure differences between mutants or tests different signalling processes. It has become apparent though that mechanical signalling is determinant as biochemical signalling. Therefore, the computation of the mechanical forces that drive morphogenesis, cell migration or wound healing has recently attracted a vast amount of research.

We here present recent techniques to retrieve the mechanical forces from a set of measured displacements in in vitro monolayers. The technique is based on inverse analysis of the underlying elastic problem, which is here discretised with finite elements. The uniqueness and stability of the problem is discussed.

We also focus the talk on techniques for the computation of the three-dimensional displacements using particle image velocimetry (PIV) and digital image correlation (DIC).

We will finally present future directions which are currently investigated, where the continuous assumption of the tissue is replaced by cell-centred and vertex techniques in order to capture the discontinuous nature of cellular tissues and the concentration of forces at the cell-cell boundaries.