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CRM Intensive Research Program on Large Cardinals and Strong Logics

05/09/2016 a 16/12/2016
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We would like to inform you about the forthcoming CRM Intensive Research Program on Large Cardinals and Strong Logics, to be held from September 5 to December 16, 2016.

The National Science Foundation and the Association for Symbolic Logic offer grants to participate in the program and its scientific events. You can check the program’s web page for further information at http://www.crm.cat/en/Activities/Curs_2016-2017/Pages/IRP-Large-Cardinals-and-Strong-Logics.aspx

Many natural mathematical concepts cannot be expressed in first-order logic but need stronger logics. Among such concepts are the freeness of a group, separability of a space, completeness of an order, etc. By a strong logic we mean model-theoretically defined extensions of first-order logic, such as first-order logic with generalized quantifiers, infinitary logics, second-order logic, as well as higher-order logics. The study of strong logics runs immediately into questions that depend essentially on set-theoretical assumptions beyond the standard ZFC axioms, such as infinitary combinatorial principles and the existence of large cardinals. It is therefore crucial to be able to pinpoint the position of a given strong logic in the set-theoretical definability hierarchy, thus helping us understand better the set-theoretical nature of the logic, and therefore of the mathematical notions it can express. 


This program will bring to the CRM a diverse group of international high-level researchers working in strong logics, large cardinals, the foundations of set theory, and the applications of set-theoretical methods in other areas of mathematics, such as algebra, set-theoretical topology, category theory, algebraic topology, homotopy theory, C*-algebras, measure theory, etc. In all these areas there are not only direct set-theoretical applications but also new results and methods, which are amenable to the expressive power of strong logics. 

During the Research Program the following activities will be held: 

Advanced Course on Large Cardinals and Strong Logics, from September 19 to 23, 2016. Deadline for registration: August 1st, 2016. More information on registration and grants available at http://www.crm.cat/en/Activities/Curs_2016-2017/Pages/AC_Large-Cardinals.aspx 

Workshop 1: Set-theoretical aspects of the model theory of strong logics, from September 26 to 30, 2016. Deadline for registration: August 1st, 2016. More information on registration and grants available at http://www.crm.cat/en/Activities/Curs_2016-2017/Pages/W1_LargeCardinals.aspx 

Young researcher’s Seminar week, from November 7 to 11, 2016.  You can participate by presenting your work before October 31, 2016. More information on how to participate at http://www.crm.cat/en/Activities/Curs_2016-2017/Pages/Young-researcher's-Seminar-week.aspx 

Workshop 2: Applications of strong logics in other areas of mathematics, from November 14 to 18, 2016. Deadline for registration: November 6, 2016. More information on registration and grants available at http://www.crm.cat/en/Activities/Curs_2016-2017/Pages/W2-LargeCardinals.aspx 


Please, feel free to distribute this information among your colleagues. 


We hope you find this information useful and look forward to hosting you at the CRM. Joan Bagaria (Universitat de Barcelona), Menachem Magidor (Einstein Institute of Mathematics of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), and Jouko Väänänen (University of Helsinki). Program’s Scientific Organizers