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Computational Geometry Seminar: Canek Peláez

Computational Geometry Seminar: Canek Peláez

Two Computational Geometry Seminars

22/09/2016 de 15:30 a 16:30
Room S215 Omega Building, Campus Nord UPC (equiv.: Room 215 Floor -2)
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Title: Advances on a Combinatorial Optimization Approach for Political Districting in México.

Speaker: Canek Peláez (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México).


In this talk we present advances on a combinatorial optimization model and algorithm for political districting in Mexico. We illustrate the challenges arisen when encoding the conforming of districts to administrative boundaries into an objective function. Our approach consists of two steps: First a partitioning process is performed on the set of indivisible territorial units, then Threshold Accepting —a variant of the Simulated Annealing heuristic— is employed in each class of the partition. The preliminary results yielded by a computer implementation are promising.


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