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Research group BIO-GEOMAP

Research group

Our research group develops and improve methods of phylogenetic reconstruction based on mathematical tools, specially algebraic, semi-algebraic and geometrical tools. This includes studying molecular substitution models from a mathematical point of view in order to guarantee parameter identifiability and to provide model selection tools. Our research lies in the borders of phylogenetic reconstruction, algebraic statistics, algebraic geometry and computational algebra.

We are part of the larger research group GEOMAP: GEOMetry and APplications.

Senior members:

Marta Casanellas

Jesús Fernández-Sánchez

Junior members:

Marina Garrote-López

Jordi Roca-Lacostena

Previous members (BSc or MSc project, PhD students or postdocs)

Mateusz Michalek

Alessandro Oneto

Anna Magdalena Kedzierska

Esther Ibáñez

Marc Sabaté-Vidales

Joan Carles Pons

Laura Cifuentes Fontanals 

Gustavo Cilleruelo

Raúl Pérez Gonzalo

Alba Puy

Software developed: