Llorenç Roselló Saurí, Ph. D

Mathematics assistant professor

Research interests:

L-fuzzy sets, game theory, social choice theory, group decision making, qualitative reasoning



Algebra, calculus, physics, mathematical models of physics.



University College of Cork (Ireland)

Niels Bohr Institute of Physics (Denmark)

Facultat de Economía - Universitat de Valladolid.



Francesc Prats, Llorenç Roselló, Mónica Sánchez, Núria Agell, On fuzzy-qualitative descriptions and entropy , International Journal of Approsimate Reasoning DOI: 10.1016/j.ijar.2016.02.006, March 2016


Núria Agell, Christ Jan van Ganzewinkel, Mónica Sánchez, Llorenç Roselló, Francesc Prats, Peter Andriessen, A consensus model for Delphi processes with linguistic terms and its applications to chronic pain in neonates definition. Applied Soft Computing, 35, 942-948, October 2015


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Book chapters:

Josep Manel Parra, Llorenç Roselló, Clifford Algebras with Numeric an Symbolic Computations, pàg. 57 - 67, Ed. Birkhäuser (1994), ISBN 0-8176-3907-1


Llorenç Roselló, Francesc Prats, Núria Agell,  Mónica Sánchez, A Qualitative Reasoning Approach to Measure Consensus, pàg. 235 - 261, Ed. Springer - Verlag (2012), ISBN: 978-3-642-20532-3


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Qualitative Knowledge Reasoning Algorithm: QKRAl

QKRAl is a collaborative memory based system where the user is recommended items based on users with similar profiles and preferences. This RS differs from others because it uses a heuristic that allows different levels of precision to be considered simultaneously. This ability of QKRAl is crucial for recommendation of products whose main features are addressed to users’ sensorial perceptions. In this context, users often do not know how to express their preferences with precision. We present recommendations that find user similarities in terms of profile compatibility with other users. Rather than using classical methods, we put forward an approach to recommending by searching through the most similar neighbors, using a degree of consensus directly or through a dive function that permits consensus based on underlying common values. The degree of consensus allows us to measure the compatibility of a group of users. This proposed methodology incorporates incomplete or partial knowledge into the recommendation process using L-fuzzy sets and qualitative reasoning techniques to assess affinity of its users for recommendations. For more information please visit this.